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canada non resident firearm declaration

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Apr 7, 2017 ... For information on visiting Canada with restricted firearms, contact the Royal ... a Non-Resident Firearm Declaration Continuation Sheet (form RCMP 5590) ... A confirmed Non-Resident
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. (4) No person shall sell, offer, expose for sale, ship, transport, deliver or possess a firearm unless the firearms ... R.S., 1985, c. C-46, s. 17; 2004, c. 31, s. 5; 2011, c. 41, s. 5; 2017, c. 22, s. 28. Firearms Display at Firearms Exhibitions Application to possess prohibited firearm 18 No person, while under any of the obligations of employment or while performing any of the duties of a public official or employee, shall exhibit, display or use a firearm or other dangerous weapon at a firearms exposition or demonstration unless that person possesses a firearm of the description ... R.S., 1985, c. C-46, s. 18. Application by license holder 18.1 If a firearm or other dangerous weapon has been prohibited under subsection 9 (1), 18 (1) or 19 (3), 18.2 (1) or (2) or 20 (4), as the case may be, under the Firearms Act (Canada), the license holder named ... R.S., 1985, c. C-46, s. 18. Firearms for Defense Only Defenses 19 A public official or employee shall not, for the purpose of using a firearm, carry a concealed weapon or dismounted firearm. 1994, c. 32, s. 3. Displaying prohibited firearm 20 Any person who displays any firearm and is not authorized under subsection 17 (1) to possess a firearm shall, for a term not exceeding 12 months, be disqualified from holding public office, from holding a firearm owner's license or ... R.S., 1985, c. C-46, s. 20; 2009, c. 33, Shed. 22, s. 3 (24). Offense 20.

Who needs a Form RCMP GRC 5589e?

Form RCMP GRC 5589e is a firearm declaration for the non-residents in Canada. You have to fill in this form at the Canada Border Services Agency office after your arrival in Canada if you are carrying a non-restricted or a restricted firearm. In case you are returning to Canada with the same piece of weaponry you had registered before, you may use this form again. However, you must ask for a continuation sheet and complete it if you are carrying a different firearm.

What is a Non-Resident Firearm Declaration for?

This type of firearm declaration is requested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and serves as a temporary firearms license and registration for 60 days after approval. If you are staying in Canada for more than 60 days, you have to apply to the Canada Firearms Center and ask to be transferred to the Chief Firearms Officer of your province.

Is Form RCMP GRC 5589e accompanied by other forms?

You must fill in two copies of Non-Resident Firearm Declaration and, if needed, two copies of Continuation Sheets. In case you are carrying a restricted firearm, you should print your Authorization to Transport (ATT) number and its expiration date.

When is Form RCMP GRC 5589e due?

Once you have completed the form upon entry to Canada, it is valid for 60 days.

How do I fill out a Non-Resident Firearm Declaration?

First, give your personal information: your name, residence address (if you stay in Canada for less than 60 days) or address in Canada (for a longer period). Choose a reason for bringing a gun to Canada from the box below or specify your own. Give details about your firearm including how many pieces of weaponry you are carrying and their destination. Include the type of firearm, its make, serial number, gauge/caliber, barrel length, and action. Add the ATT number and its expiration date if the firearm is restricted. Give the same data about every firearm you wish to import. Do not fill the lower shaded part of the document -- it is for the customs officer.

Where do I send a Non-Resident Firearm Declaration?

You have to complete this form after your arrival in Canada at the Canada Border Services Agency office.

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Hey guys Steve from Tompkins, and today I have with me Jennifer and I are going to take a few minutes to kind of describe and explain how 4473 works what some different sections are and what they mean and hopefully clarify some of the issues that we see in the store, and we have to be careful that we're not crossing a lines legally as to what ATF allows us to say or not say, so we're going to kind of be as careful as we can, and we want to actually preface this by saying we are not attorneys this is not the end-all answer so double check us make sure what we're telling you correct, but this is what we're saying is this is the best of our understanding as it is today this could some obviously change in the future so as of today this is the best understanding of the 4473, so Jennifer is kind of our, although we are not experts we will say Jennifer is our resident expert on 4473, so she's going to kind of help go through at least the top section and tell us what to look for what to watch out for and help us understand some of the common mistakes that we see in a shop do you want to go ahead yeah started and the first line is just last name first name middle name just like any other thing they have to fill out if you do have a full middle name you have to use that it can't just be the initial unfortunately would you see that one a lot about cadence and cadence also after your last name you're a junior the second the third it's going to be right after your last name on the form if you are a second third or junior it has to be on your form, so that would be under number one where their last name is they would put that after them okay and current resident address is part of number two it has to be your legal address, and we do have to have something that proves that you live there so a lot of times we do the unmatching addresses and that's a big issue okay and place of birth US city and state or foreign country now yup good height weight gender birthday it's pretty basic on that one a Social Security number is on the form, but it is also optional you don't have to put your social security number if you're not willing to, and they do say it's all-or-nothing though you can't just put your last four, so that's part of it that you have to look at — question number 10 a lot of people miss and two separate parts to it, they are asking for your ethnicity and your race, so you have to answer if you are Hispanic or Latino or not Hispanic or Latino and then select black or African-American why Asian as well and then goes into question number 11 which I will let Steve go ahead and discuss, so I'm going to I'm going to explain question 11 which is has several parts here, but you know common a few mistakes that we see up top is often people will skip 10 a which is a separate question than 10 B, so you want to make sure that you do answer both 10 a and 10 B when you're filling out your 4473 also another common thing that we see is where it says...


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